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I’m a coach, strategist, and partner on your path to clear, confident, and connected speaking.

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I help individuals build confidence as speakers, whether it’s empowering performers and CEOs to talk to the press or helping executives and entrepreneurs find the self-assurance needed to inspire their teams or attract investors.
I provide a sharp contrast to the surface-level quick fixes of many media trainers and public-speaking coaches. It is a supportive and highly strategic process that builds true courage from the inside out, removing deep-rooted sources of self-doubt and anxiety.
I help clients unlock their natural capacity to speak with absolute confidence, develop clear, concise messages, and truly connect with their audience.


If you are reading this, you are likely a successful executive, founder, or performer with valuable knowledge and a story to share.

Are you comfortable sharing your expertise when speaking one-on-one or to small groups, but the thought of speaking to a larger audience or to a reporter fills you with anxiety?

Does that apprehension hold you back from broadening your reach and having greater influence?

Have you turned down valuable opportunities to speak at conferences or on panels, or participate in media interviews because of it?

Or perhaps you’re in a new role and speaking is now part of your job. No one knows you secretly dread it. You’re afraid you’ll say the wrong thing and cause reputational harm to yourself and your company.

You are not alone. Many celebrities, CEOs, and entrepreneurs share this struggle. I know because they are my clients — individuals who are wonderfully articulate and engaging in normal conversation, but who get anxious when the pressure is on and all eyes are upon them.  



If you are interested in exploring where this comes from and leaving it behind, contact me here. I have helped thousands of high-profile individuals not only overcome their jitters, but also sharpen their story and message and deliver it with confidence and enjoyment.   

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"Tracey helped me equip myself with the tools I needed to walk into high-stakes, high-stress situations and handle whatever was thrown at me...."

Executive Coach, Award-winning Author

Why Be Coached?

“Tracey has a beautiful,

almost uncanny ability to put her thumb — boom! — right on the mindset that

was holding me back.”

You want to feel

like yourself while speaking. 

You want the best practices and tools to navigate the media and create powerful messages.


You want to prepare properly for interviews and speaking engagements and need an experienced partner and sounding board to help you do it. 


You can no longer ‘wing it’ with the media.

The stakes are too high.

Why Work with Me?


“Tracey honestly changed my life.

It sounds dramatic but it is true. I know she isn’t a therapist, but so much of what we’ve done has resonated that way for me.”

Unorthodox. I am not a typical public-speaking coach. I don’t care about your hand gestures.

I care about how you feel inside while you’re speaking. It is the strongest indicator of how

you will do.

Empathetic. I know what it’s like to have public-speaking fear. I had it myself. These are the techniques I used to overcome it.

Experienced. I have completed over 4,600 hours of media, public-speaking, and life coaching over the past 15 years. 

Multi-faceted. I am a writer and editor who can help with messaging. I am a veteran media trainer. And I am a certified professional coach who helps my clients through significant life events and transitions.  

Fast. My clients are busy. They don’t have time to commit to months of sessions. My goal is to improve your comfort level and technique in our first meeting.

Anonymous. I am not looking to be in the public eye. I operate behind the scenes and keep the spotlight on you. As an ICF-certified coach, confidentiality and ethics are my utmost concern. 


My style is empathetic, intuitive, and emotionally driven. It is also practical and strategic.

After 15 years and over 4,600 hours of working closely with celebrities and high-profile executives, I have gained a rare insight into the deeply ingrained stumbling blocks that prevent even the most successful people from speaking with confidence.
Building on my long-time expertise and genuine passion for empowering others to share their stories, I have developed my own singular approach to communication coaching: an empathetic and emotionally rooted alternative to the fear-based methodology of conventional media training.
With a focus on strategic self-reflection, I help clients dismantle their self-sabotaging beliefs and radically transform the way they present themselves to the world.

My Approach


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My lifelong love of storytelling ignited at the age of six, when I was destroyed by the ending of Charlotte’s Web. (Spoiler alert: the spider sacrifices her life to save her friend Wilbur the pig.)
After obtaining a B.A. in English from Tufts University and a master’s degree in journalism from the Medill School of Journalism at Northwestern University, I set out for New York City where I freelanced for Spin, Entertainment Weekly, Interview, Harper’s Bazaar, The New Yorker, Paper, Chicago Magazine, and The New York Observer, where I worked as a reporter under legendary editor Peter Kaplan.
I also served as Senior Editor at Spin (where I edited Chuck Klosterman, Lizzy Goodman, and the late Marc Spitz) and Natural Health magazines, and Features Editor at Interview magazine.
In 2019, I embarked on the extensive process to become certified as an executive coach. I am credentialed as an ACC through the International Coaching Federation and a CPCC through the Co-Active Training Institute — the gold standard in training executive coaches and fostering leadership development.
After stints in Boston, London, Glasgow, Chicago, New York City, and most recently my hometown of Los Angeles,

I’m now based in a small coastal community in southern Maine and work with clients via Zoom and phone.

Services Home


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Unlike the surface-level tips from traditional coaches, my method works from the inside out to reshape your entire relationship with speaking. Whether you are struggling with anxiety or simply looking to communicate with greater impact, I help you experience the joy that comes with sharing your most authentic voice.


I empower individuals in the public eye to be more confident, clear, and engaging while talking to the press. My uniquely holistic method, honed over 4,100 coaching hours, combines emotional support with expert techniques and in-depth, personalized guidance on sharpening the story and message.

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Do you set goals around what you truly want or just what you think you can have? Are you making the most of the present? Do you wish for a more fulfilling future? As a certified personal coach, I provide support for people who want to increase satisfaction in their relationships, career, well-being, finances, and more.

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